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Flemish Twist Recurve Crossbow Strings



"...For a cord of three strands is not quickly torn apart. "
Ecclesiastes 4:12


The string on any recurve bow (vertical or crossbow) needs to be strong and needs to be flexible.  Strong, so that it can withstand the forces of the limbs at rest, at draw, and during the shot.   Flexible enough to absorb some shock and vibration at the shot but not so much so that it stays in that elongated state. 

Strength comes not only from the tensile strength of the material, but also from the use of several, multi-strand bundles in it’s construction.

Flexibility has two components:  string elasticity and string stretch, or creep.  Elasticity is good.  At the shot the string stretches and absorbs some energy and vibration (helping protect the limb tips) and then contracts back to its original length.  Stretch (or creep) is not good.  This is when the string continues to change its length over time.  Creep is why you need to adjust your brace height over and over and is mainly due to string construction techniques and string wax leeching out of the string and also to a very small degree by comparison, to the string material itself


Today’s modern string materials and basically made from two products.  Dyneema (or HMPE or UHMWHPE) and Vectran.  Dyneema is more elastic that Vectran, but also has a little more creep.  Vectran has less creep, but is so inelastic that a 100% Vectran string will damage your bow.  No one offers a 100% Vectran product, but rather products that are a blend of both Vectran and Dyneema.


I do not use blended material for my strings because of this difference in elasticity.  It only stands to reason that the Vectran parts of the blended material (usually only 17% to 33% of the total material) will see much higher stresses than the more elastic Dyneema parts.  Therefore I only use 100% Dyneema materials.  Both BCY and Brownell recommend 100% Dyneema products for modern recurve crossbows

(Dacron is also safe, but has very high elasticity and creep).


TRINITY STRINGS are constructed from 3 bundles of BCY D97 string material.  With a tensile strength of over 100PSI per strand, D97 is strong while having an appropriate amount of elasticity.


TRIPLE HELIX construction allows for more twists per inch, which in turn lessens vibration and noise without giving up speed.  It also allows for more customization of your crossbow by allowing for 3 color choices, and gives a more traditional look.

Recommended strand count is 27 (9 strands per bundle), but 24 or 30 strand options are available. 


TRINITY STRINGS are served only with Angel Majesty 0.036” serving material for a long life and durability.


Serving length is typically 4”, but custom length servings are available as well.

crossbow models

TRINITY STRINGS currently makes strings for all Mag-Tip Excalibur Recurve Crossbow Models, Koda-Bow Recurve Crossbows and select Barnett Recurve Crossbows.  Inquire regarding recurve crossbows not listed here. 


Available colors, currently on hand

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These are just a few examples I have made. 

Deer won't see your string so be creative, pick any colors you like.  Favorite teams, military themed, colors of your flag, whatever you like.

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These strings are ready to go, priced as marked.



To place an order, just fill out the form below and click the Submit Order button.   You will get a confirmation notification, and I will receive an email.  Then Click the "Buy Now" button to pay with PayPal  



PRE-MADE : $32.00 USD


Continental US - FREE

Canada via Int'l stamp - FREE

Other Int'l:  Determined per order


Pay with PayPal

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If shipping needs to be calculated, please pay the string cost upon ordering, and the balance can be paid once the string is completed and shipping is calculated. 

If you do not have a PayPal account, other arrangements may be possible.  Please make a request in the message below.

Thanks for the order! I'll contact you soon.



TRINITY STRINGS started in 2014 strictly as a hobby and has simply grown from there.  There really is no “Us”, just a “Me”..…Keith.  I cut every bundle and twist every string by hand.  I started shooting crossbows back in 1996 with an old Horton Legend.  That bow served me well and I took many big’ol Ohio whitetails with it.  But when I moved to North Carolina, I made the switch to recurve crossbows and have never looked back.  I love the simplicity and efficiency of the design and as an Engineer, being able to do all my own maintenance really appealed to me as well.  So making my own strings was just the natural progression for me. 




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